4 Reasons to Choose St Louis Auto Inspection Services

You should be able to trust your auto inspector to give you what you need.

Locally Owned & Operated

Knowing who will be inspecting your vehicle and knowing you can trust them is important

Experienced & Educated

Steven has over 20 years of experience inspecting and repairing all types of vehicles and is a U.S. Army Veteran.

More Thorough Inspections

Our inspections go further than any other vehicle inspection company, each includes a hands-on verification of each part listed.

Pictures & Video Included

We are dedicated to showing you the true condition of a vehicle through photos and video. They are included.

Our Vehicle Inspection Services

Unlike many other vehicle inspection companies we are able to offer a wide range of vehicle inspection services. Including but not limited to Cars, Trucks, Classic Cars, Antique Vehicles, RV's, Motorhomes and Semi-Trucks.

Used Car & Light Truck Inspections

Our used car and light truck inspections are for vehicles 1996 and newer. Our used car and light truck inspections cover all systems and parts of a vehicle including the Engine, Transmission, Driveline, Steering, Suspension, Electrical System, Interior, Paint, Frame and all equipped options. Here at St Louis Auto Inspections, we don't just look at the part, we actually put our hands on it.

Classic Car & Antique Vehicle Inspections

Many "Classic Car Inspectors" in the market are out there making valuations and judging antique vehicles. This often clouds their judgement when it comes to classic car inspections. Here at St Louis Auto Inspections we look at Classic Cars in the frame of mind of what true condition they are in. We do not get involved in how much money they are worth or what score they would receive at a show. We simply provide you with the good, bad and ugly so you can make a wise purchase decision.

Luxury & Exotic Car Inspections

Many Luxury & Exotic Cars have sophisticated and complex options that require special attention and someone who will take the time to make sure they are working properly. That's what we do here at St Louis Auto Inspections. We will fully examine your vehicle top to bottom, inside and out. Not only will you get photos but also video documentation of the options working or not working.

RV, Motorhome & Semi-Truck Inspections

If there were ever a time to have a vehicle inspected it is when you are buying a pre-owned RV or Motorhome. A Motorhome is nothing more than a house on wheels but that also means there is more electronics, more appliances, plumbing, options and features than anything else on the market. We inspect every aspect of the coach and not only do you get the written report but we also include unlimited photos and video for your records. Our HD Truck Inspection Checklist is firstly based off of Federal DOT Requirements and we then go deeper. So when you receive your rig, you know it is ready for the road if it passes our inspection process.


A Little About St Louis Auto Inspection Services

St Louis Auto Inspection Services (Formally Test Drive Technologies) as reopened to help used car, truck, classic car, antique vehicle, luxury car, exotic car, RV & motorhome buyers discover the true condition of their vehicle before they buy it through pre-purchase auto inspections. St Louis Auto Inspection Services is independently owned and operated by Steven Paul and each inspection is completed by Steven himself. At St Louis Auto Inspection Services there are NO CONTRACTORS or MIDDLE MEN. You get your report written by Steven and all questions are answered directly by him. Ask our competition if you can speak with their inspector, before, during and after the inspection... You should always be able to speak with your inspector. Ever heard that phrase "From the horses mouth"? Exactly what you get with St Louis Auto Inspections.

What We Check

Our comprehensive hands-on inspections go further and deeper than any other inspection company on the market. Our inspection reports not only list and check off each system as a whole during the process but we detail which part (left front, right rear etc) that way you can narrow down where the damaged area is. Our inspections not only give you a heads up on the overall condition but when you review your inspection report you know the true condition of the vehicle from top to bottom and bumper to bumper. We fully inspect each vehicle's body, glass, interior, electrical system, engine, transmission, driveline, steering, suspension, tires, brakes and we will list and test all options that the vehicle is equipped with.

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How It Works

Here at St Louis Auto Inspection Services we make the process as simple as possible. You find a pre-owned or used vehicle, you send us a message with the year, make, model and location of the car, we send you a quote, we both agree on a price, we schedule with the seller for you and then we go inspect the vehicle. We take photos, in some cases video too, write our deep inspection report which is easy to understand and read and we send you an email when it is done. Normally the next day. We also can call from the inspection location if you like before we leave to give you a quick idea of the vehicle's condition. When you choose St Louis Auto Inspections as your solution... We go to work for you and not the seller or dealer.

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Who Does The Checking

Many mobile auto inspection companies in the industry contract with auto repair shops, ex-mechanics and auto body shops to do inspections for them, which is then passed down to you. Why is that important? That shop or mechanic is only being paid $50-$100 to do your inspection and often they push through them too quickly. Here at St Louis Auto Inspections the owner, Steven Paul, himself will be inspecting your vehicle for you. Taking out the middle man reduces mistakes, ensures responsibility and you also get the chance to actually speak with your auto inspector. At St Louis Auto Inspections you deal with the inspector and the owner from minute one to the last minute. That's customer service you can trust.

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